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Veterans Investing University is a real estate investing educational opportunity for our nation’s veterans, active-duty military, and their family members.

The FREE online community is about teaching and mentoring our Veterans, Active-Duty, and Military Families in becoming successful Real Estate Investors.

We have teamed up with REWW (Real Estate Worldwide) to offer the most detailed and comprehensive scholarship courses available. Upon completion of our curriculum, students can either work with our team at Veterans Investing, start their own business, or just use the new knowledge and skill-sets to create additional income as a side-hustle.

Our staff travels to across the country to speak with veterans about the great opportunity of Veterans Investing University.

We are now working towards speaking at installation TAP classes (Transition Assistance Program).  Most of the veterans we speak to at these seminars are in the process of transitioning back into the civilian workforce. These TAP classes help prepare the veterans for job interviews, create resumes, and listen to guest speakers who are recruiting veterans into various career paths. We inform the veterans about the opportunities that we offer and the exciting world of real estate investing.

Not only the incredible training, but the Veterans also get the opportunity to be a part of a large online community of like-minded people.

We offer our students mentorship, coaching, live events, online forums, and message boards.

Knowing the immense sacrifice that our military family members make every day, it was an easy decision for us to extend our offer to them as well.

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